Critical Information County Website For Medical Providers

SUFFOLK COUNTY, NY – On Tuesday, October 5th, the Suffolk County Legislature unanimously passed Introductory Resolution 1552-2021, sponsored by Suffolk County Legislator Sarah Anker, which directs the Suffolk County Department of Health Services and the Department of Information Technology to develop a website to provide critical information to medical providers in Suffolk County. The two departments will collaborate with the medical community, including the Suffolk County Medical Society and the Suffolk Academy of Medicine, to tailor the website to the needs of the medical providers that will utilize the page for locating urgent emergency information, resources and resident health related updates.

After discussions with the Suffolk County Medical Society, the need for a website such as this was apparent, said Legislator Anker, Chairwoman of the Suffolk County Addiction Prevention and Support Advisory Panel. What we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that it is so important to have systems in place to inform our medical community about emergency information and guidance. This website will serve to better inform Suffolk County’s medical providers of important information including notifications of water contamination, disease outbreaks, vaccination guidance, and resources that are available. I look forward to continuing to partner with our county’s Health Department, IT Department and the Suffolk County Medical Society to provide critical information to our medical providers.

The physicians of Suffolk County have stressed the importance of clear and timely communication from and between the Department of Health, practicing physicians, and the patients and families we serve, said Suffolk County Medical Society (SCMS) President Maria Basile. This resolution and the website it calls for is an example of the enhanced communication we have promised our members. It demonstrates the SCMS and Suffolk Academy of Medicine’s commitment to working collaboratively with our colleagues in the Health Department and the Suffolk County Legislature. SCMS is the trusted voice of the medical community and we look forward to continuing our work with Commissioner Pigott and his staff to assure that our communications are clear, evidence-based, timely, relevant, and meaningful.

The website will be launched within 180 days of the passage of Introductory Resolution 1552-2021. The Department of Health Services will review and update the information on the website on a quarterly basis, with increased frequency during states of emergency related to the public health of the residents of Suffolk County as declared by the Governor of New York State or the Suffolk County Executive. For more information please contact Legislator Sarah Anker’s office at (631)-854-1600. To view the resolution, visit:

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