New York State Hosts
Consortium on Long COVID

Dr. Mary T. Bassett
New York State
Health Commissioner

Join the NYS Department of Health for a virtual, free event featuring
an expert panel to discuss long COVID, its impact on New Yorkers,
and creating solutions for patients and the providers who care for them:

FEBRUARY 3, 2022
8:45am – 2:30pm

Event Overview: Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC) or “long COVID,” a condition in which
individuals infected with COVID-19 experience a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms
after their initial infection, is impacting a portion of our population across New York State as well as our
nation and worldwide. Given the challenges and urgent need to support individuals in their recovery from
long COVID, New York State is bringing together an expert group of researchers, clinicians, social
scientists, and other stakeholders to share their expertise and insights on this condition. The goal of this
event is to develop a set of potential actions that New York State could take to make urgent progress to
address long COVID, especially in supporting New Yorkers with long COVID as they recover and
supporting the healthcare providers who care for them. Through important discussions on the research,
clinical, and policy/regulatory considerations for long COVID, experts from across US will provide
recommendations to better understand, treat, and ultimately prevent long COVID.
This consortium will feature three separate panel discussions throughout the day:
• The first panel will focus on research to further define what is currently known – and what remains
unknown – about PASC, including epidemiological aspects of the condition, biological causes, groups
most severely affected, and ongoing research.
• A second panel focused on clinical care will discuss the various clinical manifestations and
presentations of long COVID, consider whom it most a ects, and provide insights into approaches to
long COVID treatment in various populations and settings across age, race/ethnicity, and geography.
• A third panel on policy and functional outcomes will provide recommendations for policies or
initiatives that New York State may consider to address long COVID, in both the near and long terms to
aid in the physical, social, and psychological recovery of individuals impacted by long COVID.
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