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The Medical Society of the State of New York is pleased to announce a new telehealth initiative in cooperation with the Physicians’ Foundation and the American Medical Association.  MSSNY is seeking 5-10 physician and/or institutional based practices involved in various stages of telehealth.  This telehealth initiative is a yearlong project and will allow practices to optimize and measure telehealth in all settings.

Telehealth is now a viable platform for physicians to provide clinical services such as for management of patients with chronic conditions. MSSNY is interested in helping physicians, especially those in small practices, implement telehealth to augment services currently offered to patients.

In 2020, the Physicians Foundation launched a collaboration with the American Medical Association called The Telehealth Initiative (TTI). TTI was designed to bolster implementation support at the state- level by equipping state medical associations with telehealth programming that could build on existing offerings.

As part of the project, MSSNY and the AMA will work together to develop relevant educational content, resources, measurement tools, and evaluation support to help practices with telehealth implementation.  MSSNY, as part of this program, will be part of a national network and support needed to establish and maintain strong relationships with physicians, practices, and health systems interested in implementing, optimizing, or sustaining telehealth. In addition to providing ongoing support, this year’s program will emphasize the importance of realizing the true value of virtual care.

MSSNY is seeking interested physicians and practices interested in participating in the program and will commit to collaborating with the MSSNY, the Physicians Foundation, and the AMA, to optimize telehealth and measure the value of telehealth in their settings. The collaborative will provide training through virtual events as well as opportunities to network and learn from peers.

MSSNY is asking if you know of a physician or practice that would want to participate in this initiative, or if you or your practice are interested in participating in this initiative, MSSNY would be happy to have you participate.

Interested practices/physicians will need to reach out to either Cayla Lauder, Program Coordinator, at or Pat Clancy, Sr. VP/Managing Director of Public Health and Education, at, to request a statement of interest.

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