SCMS President update

Hi, this is Dr Schoor again, President of the Suffolk County Medical Society.  I just wanted to give an update as best I can.

  • The President of the United States along with CMS director Seem Verma gave a press conference yesterday afternoon.  CMS is streamlining the process for telemedicine and for reimbursement for that service.  The administration is also relaxing enforcement of some aspects of HIPAA in an effort to encourage telemedicine usage for Medicare beneficiaries.  We applaud this but beware that CMS does not enforce HIPAA.  Enforcement is under the jurisdiction of the Office of Civil Rights and I don’t know If they got the memo from CMS.
  • The number of confirmed cases continues to rise.  An increasing amount of data seems to suggest that Covid-19 can cause serious illness and even death in young and healthy people, even people in their twenties.  Please, give this virus the respect that it deserves. 
  • The NYS Dept of Health has recommendations for return to work following Covid exposure on the health commerce site.  I refer you there.
  • In addition to the stress of the situation, Covid 19 is wreaking havoc on our local economy.  Physicians are not immune.  We are all in the same boat and we can support each other.  Please contact the society to share your story, if you need help, or if you can help others. 
  • The society is partnering informally with other organizations to offer clothing and nutrition support to those in need.  Please contact us to learn more.

These are trying times for all of us.  We are all in it together.  I truly believe that we will survive but only if we remain calm, cooperate, and support one another.

Stay safe.

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