Tell Congress to pass COVID-19 legislation

“Congress is currently considering the next round of coronavirus legislation as the nation continues to struggle with the pandemic. There is precious little time to pass this much needed relief package before Congress adjourns for its August recess.

With the country and our health care system facing a once in a generation health crisis now is the time for Congress to lead by passing legislation that will:

  • Continue the expansion of and add flexibility for Medicare accelerated and advanced payments to give physicians greater ability to deal with the current crisis
  • Better address Medicare and Medicaid payment policy to account for the lack of positive updates to further assist America’s doctors caring for patients during the pandemic
  • Include direct financial support to help sustain physician practices through the COVID-19 crisis including additional emergency relief fund grants and access to small business loans
  • Permanently lift the geographic and site restrictions on telehealth technologies so all Medicare beneficiaries have access to telehealth services, including from home, regardless of where they live
  • Institute broader liability protection for physicians and clinicians as they continue their front-line fight against COVID-19
  • Provide federal assistance for the purchase of personal protection equipment (PPE) for America’s health care workers

With the August recess looming, Congress must act now to protect patient access to care by preserving the viability of physician practices as part of the nation’s essential health care system.

Will you help us make a difference? Simply follow these three steps and together we can continue to fight the pandemic head on!

  1. Learn about the latest with COVID-19 legislation developments (PDF)
  2. Contact your federal legislators
  3. Participate in a virtual meeting with your legislators over the August recess

Much has been done in the battle to curb the pandemic, but the catastrophic damage has taken an undeniable toll. Stimulus relief to date has helped, but is far from sufficient and every day that goes by without Congress passing a complete package and sending it to the President’s desk is a stark reminder of how much more must be done to protect America’s patients and those that are on the front lines taking care of them.”

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