As I’m sure you have all heard, physicians and other health care providers are now required to periodically renew their authorization to provide services in the New York State workers’ compensation system.  The renewal of a provider's authorization will coincide with their New York State Education Department license registration renewal.

These renewals will be done via a form that the provider can access at the Board’s Medical Portal.  Detailed information is available here:

The renewal form may be used by a health care provider to update their information, such as a change of address or telephone number.  The Board no longer uses the New York State Health Commerce System for this purpose.  Providers should be directed to the Medical Portal where they can click the “Update Authorization Information” link.

Please note that a change in authorization type (authorization to treat or to perform IME’s) will require that a physician submit a new application which will have to be approved by the medical society.  Renewals or information updates which don’t involve a change in authorization type will not require review by the medical society.