NYS Executive Order Provides Additional Flexibility for Reporting Covid/Flu Test Results

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Executive Order on November 3rd includes a provision that will now provide physicians and other professionals 24 hours to report COVID-19 and flu test results to the NYS Department of Health, rather than 3 hours as required in the Commissioner’s September 21st notice. 

“The directive contained in Executive Order 202.61, along with implementing guidance, requiring clinical laboratories and licensed professionals authorized by the Department of Health Physician Office Laboratory Evaluation Program to administer a test for COVID-19 or influenza to report results of COVID-19 and influenza tests to the Department within three hours, is hereby modified to permit clinical laboratories and those licensed professionals with reporting requirements to report results to the Department within 24 hours, provided the Department may require more frequent reporting if deemed necessary.”

CLICK HERE to read the entire Executive Order.

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