As a physician, nothing affects you more than the quality of our healthcare delivery system. It affects your daily practice, your hospital affiliation, your access to current scientific information, and the health of your patients. Physicians, by nature and training, are independent and siloed. It is this lack of cohesion that has enabled our opposing stakeholders to take control of many aspects of the profession.

Only organized medicine has the capacity to stand and counter these various stakeholders effectively. Enrollment in the County and State Medical Societies is vital if physicians are to retake the lead in determining the future of the practice of medicine. The events of recent times are profoundly affecting the personal and professional lives of physicians. It clearly shows that there is a critical need for all physicians to remain united and add to organized medicine's strength, vitality, and purpose.

Your voice is important! Your wellness is important! Your leadership is key!

Yes, for less than $72 a month the medical society does a lot on your behalf. Things that only organized medicine can do - legislative action, training, communications, media relations, mentorships, etc. In comparison, it is a relatively small price to pay when compared to the alternative.

The Suffolk County Medical Society and the Medical Society of the State of New York are organizations that truly advocate for you, regardless of specialty or employment, and for the patients we so diligently serve.

As a medical society and academy of medicine, we are constantly striving to keep our members fully engaged, informed, and educated with the many laws, rules, and regulations affecting healthcare and the practice of medicine in Suffolk County, Albany and Washington.

MSSNY Membership: Through your membership with SCMS, you will automatically become a member of the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY), gaining access to an even wider network of over 30,000 physicians, continuing education, events and targeted news reports.

Legislative Advocates: Legislation needs your input and we are your loudspeaker. Harnessing the power of our large network of physician members, we provide a platform for physicians to speak with a unified voice and be heard at the local and state levels. With strong membership numbers and involvement our effectiveness is strengthened, positively impacting decisions that are made on how you practice medicine. Join us in Albany for Physician Advocacy Day (March 4th, 2020) or participate in MSSNYPAC to support and influence policy outcomes.

Networking: We provide local chances to spend time with peers, established physicians, and health care leaders in both social and professional environments. Join our vibrant organization of nearly 3,000 member physicians so you don’t have to wait for that once–a–year specialty conference.

Focused News Updates: Stay up to date on vital health care issues and developments that impact physicians with complimentary subscriptions to The Daily (online healthcare news bulletin), News of New York (monthly digital publication focusing on issues impacting physicians) the weekly MSSNY eNews, and the SCMS quarterly bulletin.

Professional Growth and Continuing Medical Education (CME): The SCMS has a long-standing commitment to education and research, sponsoring conferences on the topics you think are important. Through MSSNY we offer numerous learner-centered opportunities for professional medical development that cultivate your career and improve your skill set, including webinars, conferences, hands-on workshops. MSSNY is the resource for easy-to-use online CME courses needed to renew your license, including education on opioids, child abuse recognition and reporting, and patient safety/risk management. In addition, check out MSSNY’s Medical Matters Webinar series, Salus Populi: The Podcast of the Suffolk Academy of Medicine and other our educational offerings.

Expert Legal, Financial and Insurance Services: Members of the SCMS have access to discounted rates with vetted industry professionals who work closely with healthcare and understand the unique, changing needs of physicians and the healthcare community. Our preferred business partners are ready to assist members with tax, legal, investment and banking advice, wealth and loan management, insurance offerings, and Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) support. Click HERE for more information on our Advisor and Insurance Referrals.

Member-Only Discounts on Products and Services: SCMS members are eligible for MSSNY’s Member Perks Program, which provides discounts on products and services designed specifically for the benefit of healthcare professionals. Offerings from these curated vendors includes travel, entertainment, oil changes, liability insurance, car rentals and more!

Physician Wellness: To help address the alarming rate of physician burnout, SCMS offers educational awareness programs, resources, guidance, and targeted solutions to support physician well-being and satisfaction. Addressing physician burnout is the first step to decreasing stress and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Workers Compensation: Workers’ Compensation insurance is required by law. It covers your employees in the event of a job-related injury or illness and helps employees get back to work as quickly as possible. SCMS actively works on your behalf to keep your workers’ compensation costs low through legislation and offers a substantial discount based on your membership status.

Hassle Forms: Slow payments, rejection of claims, and changes in policies are part of the administrative burden that physicians face. The SCMS advocates on your behalf to address claims processing concerns with payers. Please note that due to COVID-19, SCMS has limited capacity to process Hassle Forms at this time. For more information, please call us at (631) 851-1400. 

Community Impact: The SCMS continually offers opportunities to make a difference in your community. Recent charitable contributions and activities have included clothing drives, donating pies to Long Island Harvest Food Bank for Thanksgiving, and participating in Adopt-A-Family for Christmas.

Leadership Opportunities: Find camaraderie and support by being a part of organized medicine! Share your talents by serving on the Board of Directors, volunteering for a committee, mentoring a young physician, or taking part in group discussions with government officials and local elected legislators that can impact health policy.

Physician Locator: Access information on nearly 3,000 physicians in the Suffolk County area. This directory lists specialty, office addresses and phone numbers, medical school and year of graduation, hospital affiliations and languages spoken. SCMS active members receive one free directory annually.

Classifieds: If you are seeking a new professional opportunity, visit the Classifieds section on our website for career opportunities across all specialties, posted by medical practices and hospitals.

Legal Representation: The SCMS has endorsed the law firm of Ruskin, Moscou, & Faltischeck, P.C. as General Counsel. Legal services are provided to all members at substantially reduced rates. This firm specializes in all aspects of healthcare law and has been representing physicians across the state for many years. Physicians should call Jay B. Silverman, Esq. at 516-663-6606 with any legal questions or concerns.

Banking Services: Bridgehampton National Bank (BNB) offers members of the SCMS an array of banking products and services. Non-interest bearing business checking accounts, physician loan program, Bridgehampton National Bank credit and processing services, capital leasing programs, etc. are just some of the many services exclusively offered to SCMS members.

Financial Advisor: In order to continue to provide our members with quality programs and services, the SCMS has endorsed Alan D. Kahn, CPA, MBA, CLU, ChFC, who has been providing financial and estate planning services to many of the members of the Suffolk County Medical Society for over fifteen years. During this same period of time, he has also written articles for publication in our Bulletin.

• Alan is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He has previously served consecutive two-year terms as Chairman for the New York State Society of CPA’s Public Relations Committee, Estate Planning Committee, and Tax Division Oversight Committee. Alan also served as a Trustee for the Foundation of Accounting Education (FAE).

• For a detailed list of services, please see Alan’s advertisement in our Bulletin or you may contact Alan directly at 516-677-0270.

Physician-Driven Liability Coverage: The Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC) is the only professional liability carrier endorsed by MSSNY and the SCMS. The company is physician owned and managed and has the country’s largest, most experienced professional liability claim department.

MLMIC now offers defense only coverage for physicians and surgeons who are insured for professional liability through MLMIC. In fact, MLMIC is the first insurer of physicians and surgeons in New York State to offer this supplementary coverage.

Provided at no additional charge, this defense-only coverage becomes part of the standards MLMIC policy by endorsement and provides reimbursement up to $25,000 for the costs of defending an administrative action brought against a policyholder which arises out of allegations that could form the basis of a claim for legal liability under an insured’s policy. For example, if the Office of Professional Medical Conduct charges a physician with negligent patient care, she/he would be reimbursed for the costs of legal defense up to $25,000. It should be noted that this endorsement provides reimbursement for the cost of legal defense only and does not pay any fines, penalties, or other damages.

By offering defense-only coverage, MLMIC continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing MLMIC policyholders with the most comprehensive coverage possible, the highest level of personalized service, and the ability to address and accommodate the changing needs of its physicians’ insured’s.

Liberty Mutual Insurance: Liberty Mutual Insurance offers a convenient, cost-effective personal insurance plan that features a discount automobile and homeowner/condo/co-op/renters insurance program to MSSNY members at a discount. The program features: Premium discounts, convenient monthly payment plan without service charges, 24-Hour Claim Service, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance.

Let your voice be heard! Legislation needs your input and we are your loudspeaker. Harnessing the power of our large network of society members throughout the state, we provide a platform for physicians to speak with a unified voice and be heard at the state level. With strong membership and involvement our effectiveness is strengthened, positively impacting decisions that are made on how you practice medicine. Join us in Albany for Physician Advocacy Day (March 4th, 2020) or participate in MSSNYPAC to support and influence policy outcomes. Be a part of our combined voice in public forums and local and state governments through MSSNYPAC.

Hone your leadership skills by serving on one of our boards, task forces and committees. There are a variety of opportunities to expand your knowledge on topics of critical importance and pursue the issues you are most passionate about.

Participate in Social Events, such as the SCMS Annual Dinner meeting featuring celebrated guest speakers, such as 2019-2020 AMA President Barbara L. McAneny, MD, founder of Lifestyle Health LLC Stacey Funt, MD and more!

Engage in Community Service and Volunteer opportunities such as volunteer lectures to students.

Monitor and evaluate community health care needs and actively participate in solutions by being involved in committees.

Receive and contribute regular news updates relevant to the local medical community by submitting practice news and articles on topics of interest to the SCMS quarterly bulletin.

The Suffolk County Medical Society is your local professional organization representing nearly 3,000 physician and health care members who live and work in Suffolk County. The SCMS is a strong voice in our community and in the state of New York concerning all political, social and economic issues affecting healthcare.

• Provides a voice in decisions affecting your career
• Supports local activism and community service
• Protects your patients through educational materials, seminars and projects
• Enhances your network of medical colleagues
• Offers opportunities for continuing medical and professional education
• Hones your leadership skills
• Engages in volunteer and community outreach efforts
• Increases your visibility within membership directories
• Lists new career opportunities for physicians in our Classifieds
• Provides opportunities for fun!