DOH Informational Message: June 2021 Commissioner’s Letter

June 2021

Dear Colleagues:

We continue to see steady progress in our fight against COVID-19 here in New York State. Earlier this month, we achieved a tremendous milestone. Over 70 percent of all New Yorkers age 18+ have now received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine – nearly three weeks ahead of the goal set by the Biden administration. In just six short months, over 21 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have now been administered statewide. It is in large part because of our vaccination program’s success that New York State continues to set the example for the nation. After once having the highest COVID-19 positivity rate in the world, at 48.16 percent, we now have a seven-day average positivity rate of 0.4 percent – among the lowest in the United States. And now we have reached a second milestone with the Governor’s announcement that the state of emergency in New York first declared on March 7, 2020 has finally come to an end. We have substantial real-world evidence that vaccination is effective at preventing COVID-19, even against………..Continue Here

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