An Old Voice Phishing Scam Has Been Retrofitted to Target Physicians

New York physicians are now receiving calls from individuals identifying themselves as investigators from the “New York Medical Board” in a retread of a classic identity theft scam.

For years, “voice phishers” have engaged in cold calls while masquerading as law enforcement officers. These callers typically tell people that their fingerprints or DNA have been found at a crime scene – usually on the “Texas-Mexico border” – or that a package with drugs, money or both has been intercepted en route to the person called.  In order to avoid arrest as a suspect, the imposter will demand confirmation of their identity, including social security numbers and other personal information.

These scammers bank on creating enough stress and worry that their call will shock someone into “cooperating” by providing the information demanded.  Once obtained, ……… Read More Here

For more information, please contact: Andrew T. Garbarino, Esq.

(516) 663-6632

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